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Observation Date (UT) Observation Lat

Canonical Name:H 1426+428
TeVCat Name:TeV J1428+426
Other Names:1ES 1426+428, 1H 1430+423
Source Type:HBL
R.A.:14 28 32.6 (hh mm ss)
Dec.:+42 40 21 (dd mm ss)
Gal Long: 77.49 (deg)
Gal Lat: 64.90 (deg)
Distance: z=0.129
Flux:0.03 (Crab Units)
Energy Threshold:2500 GeV
Spectral Index:3.5
Discovery Date:2002-02
Discovered By: Whipple
TeVCat SubCat:Default Catalog

Source Notes:

Source position and its uncertainty:
The position from NED is quoted here
From Horan et al. 2002:
- RA (J2000): 14h 28m 32.7s
- Dec (J2000): +42 40' 20''
- No positional uncertainty is quoted
From Aharonian et al. (2002):
- No position is quoted
- Uncertainty in position: 5''(stat), 25''(syst)

The flux from H 1426 has been found to be variable:
From Petry et al. (2002):
- a flux of 3% of the Crab Nebula above 2.5 TeV was reported
From Aharonian et al. (2002):
- a flux of 10% of the Crab Nebula above 1 TeV was reported
From Djannati-Atai et al. (2002):
- a mean flux of 18% of the Crab Nebula above 250 GeV was reported
- maximum flux values of 80% and 60% of the Crab were reported

Seen by: Whipple, HEGRA, Crimea, CAT, MAGIC, VERITAS
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