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Observation Date (UT) Observation Lat

Canonical Name:RGB J0136+391
TeVCat Name:TeV J0136+391
Other Names:
Source Type:HBL
R.A.:01 36 32.5 (hh mm ss)
Dec.:+39 06 00 (dd mm ss)
Gal Long: 132.42 (deg)
Gal Lat: -22.94 (deg)
Flux: (Crab Units)
Energy Threshold: GeV
Spectral Index:
Discovery Date:2012-07
Discovered By: MAGIC
TeVCat SubCat:Newly Announced

Source Notes:
Source Discovery:
- This detection was announced in July 2012 at the Gamma 2012 meeting in
Heidelberg by Mazin (presentation).

Source position and its uncertainty:
- The source position is taken from NED (RGB J0136+391)
- R.A. (J2000): 01 36 32.5
- Dec. (J2000): +39 06 00
- No information on the positional uncertainty is available.

The redshift of this object is unknown
From Paiano et al. (2016):
"We found our high signal-to-noise ratio (∼ 200-480) optical spectrum
completely featureless, only allowing to set a lower limit to the
redshift of z > 0.27."
From Nilsson et al. (2012):
- a lower limit of z>0.4 has been set by based on the non-detection
of the host galaxy

Seen by: MAGIC
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