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Observation Date (UT) Observation Lat

Canonical Name:PKS 0301-243
TeVCat Name:TeV J0303-241
Other Names:
Source Type:HBL
R.A.:03 03 23.49 (hh mm ss)
Dec.:-24 07 35.86 (dd mm ss)
Gal Long: 214.63 (deg)
Gal Lat: -60.19 (deg)
Distance: z=0.2657
Flux:0.014 (Crab Units)
Energy Threshold:200 GeV
Spectral Index:
Discovery Date:2012-07
Discovered By: H.E.S.S.
TeVCat SubCat:Default Catalog

Source Notes:

Source Discovery:
- This detection was announced in July 2012 at the Gamma 2012 meeting in
Heidelberg by Wouters (poster).

Source position and its uncertainty:
Updated on 130925 from the NED position to the HESS position
From H.E.S.S. Collaboration (2013):
- R.A. (J2000): 03 03 23.49 +/- 1.19s(stat) +/- 1.30(syst)
- Dec. (J2000): -24 07 35.86 +/- 15.35"(stat) +/- 19.50"(syst)

From Pita et al. (2013):
- z = 0.2657 +/- 8.6e-05
From Pita et al.(2012):
- "The best determination of its redshift (Falomo et al. (2000)) was
based on the plausible identification of a single weak emission line
with [OIII] 5007 Å. We confirm this result and propose a more pre-
cise determination of the redshift at z=0.266, given the clear
detection of the emission lines [OII] 3727.3 Å in the UVB arm and
[OIII] 5007 Å in the VIS arm."

Spectral Properties
From H.E.S.S. Collaboration (2013):
- Photon index: 4.6 +/- 0.7(stat) +/- 0.2(syst)

From H.E.S.S. Collaboration (2013):
- 1.4% of the Crab Nebula flux above 200 GeV

From H.E.S.S. Collaboration (2013):
- "A hint of variability at the 2.5 sigma level is found."

Seen by: H.E.S.S.
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